BBeauty has entered the category of existential ideals of mankind ever since people have roamed on God’s green Earth. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever” said John Keats, the English poet.Beauty is everywhere around us.

It is up to us to notice it, but most of the times, preoccupied by our daily problems, we forget what is truly important.In our frantic rush through life, we forget to allow some time for our soul and we ignore its real needs.This is why we need to stop for a while from this mad rush through life. We need to have a break, take some time to admire beauty, which takes thousands of shapes.We only need to notice it and make it our travelling partner for every moment of our life.

Allow me to extend an invitation to you, while you are having your tea or coffee break, to take a look, through the open windows, at the fascinating world of the hand painted porcelain .It is my proposition to you to try and replace the arid world of everyday life with a world full of color, which will give you a positive mood of well-being. It will help you become more optimistic and more determined to follow your aspirations.

A steamy coffee served in a LuKa cup will be like as un ray whose brightness will chase away all dark thoughts. A herb tea full of aroma served in the same LuKa porcelain will relax you after a hectic day and will turn a normal day of routine into a celebration.Our porcelain, painted with special care and application, with infinite love and passion will bring you style and especially will turn normal, routine moments into un forgettable occasions.

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