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… the story of a life, the life of a little girl. She hadn’t learnt how to write yet, but she felt the need to draw and paint, to put on paper whatever she could see with her eyes.

She spent her childhood in the country-side with her grandparents and this tied her to nature, for ever.

The plum-tree orchard which looked huge to her childish eyes changed their garment every season. Spring would come and replace the cloak of white snow covering the sad, grey trees with a crown of white flowers which filled the air with special perfume. When the wind blew, minute petals would float in the air clothing the horizon with a magic veil . The whole nature was getting ready for a wedding.

The endless wheat fields moving like a sea full of waves and full of blue corn flowers, poppies and daisies, but also smelly wild madders , the buzz of bees and bugs , also the joy of field workers are precious memories.

Sunrises admired from the top of an apple-tree, whose leaves full of dew multiplied endlessly the reddish shades. One would have thought that thousands of suns rose all around , all these were imprinted in my soul.

The sunsets brought fascinating colours and a symphony of sounds produced by all those people returning from the fields, tired, but satisfied with the day ‘s work..

The joy, the songs and the jokes in the autumn when people collected the grapes have shaped her soul and marked her childhood for ever.

…only that life has taken this child on different paths, until one day her passion for painting managed to « break the chains » which have kept her a prisoner for so many years.

Now, when I am a grown-up woman I am trying to put down on the white porcelain my childhood memories, but not only that.

Using a wide range of patterns and colours I am struggling to bring beauty in front of your eyes and to touch your souls by conveying the emotion and the love that I feel when I paint every single object.

The manually painted porcelain is a valuable investment for every home. You don’t need to look for objects in shops . You can create yourselves your own model which should fit perfectly and match with your home colours.

And your ideas can be put into practice by us, adding very special value to those particular objects.

Fa-ti timp….Rudyard Kipling

În trecerea grabita prin lume, catre veci,

Fa-ti timp, macar o clipa, sa vezi pe unde treci!

Fa-ti timp sa vezi durerea si lacrima arzând,

Fa-ti timp sa poti cu mila sa te alini oricând!

Fa-ti timp sa vezi padurea, s-asculti lânga izvor,

Fa-ti timp s-asculti ce spune o floare, un cocor!

Fa-ti timp pentru-adevaruri si adâncimi de vis,

Fa-ti timp pentru prieteni cu sufletul deschis!

Fa-ti timp, pe-un munte seara, stând singur, sa te rogi,

Fa-ti timp, frumoase amintiri, de unul sa invoci!

Fa-ti timp sa stai cu mama, cu tatal tau – batrâni,

Fa-ti timp de-o vorba buna, de-o coaja pentru câini

În trecerea grabita prin lume catre veci,

Fa-ti timp, macar o clipa, sa vezi pe unde treci!

Fa-ti timp sa fii aproape de cei iubiti, voios,

Fa-ti timp sa fii si-al casei si-n slujba lui Hristos!

Fa-ti timp sa gusti frumosul din tot ce e curat,

Fa-ti timp, ca esti de multe mistere-nconjurat!

Fa-ti timp cu orice taina sau adevar sa stai,

Fa-ti timp, caci toate-acestea au inima, au grai!

Fa-ti timp s-asculti la toate, din toate sa înveti,

Fa-ti timp sa dai vietii adevaratul pret!

Fa-ti timp acum, sa stii, zadarnic ai sa plângi –

Comoara risipita a vietii n-o mai strângi!



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