Autumn Melancholy

A set with classical cup and square plate decorated with Leaves. The leaves are painted in warm colours, ocher and golden, which make us think about the autumn which deprives trees of their leaves and lays soft carpets for our footsteps when we walk in parks or on paths in the rustling woods. There are also grey and bluish leaves falling down over the rusty ones. They are the messengers of the cold and... read more

Winter sky

“Winter sky” – cold colours, grey and blue, also including small golden stars painted in pure gold, which try to warm up a frozen winter sky!!!…. and which pour from the sky white snow flakes. A steamy cup of tea served in a LUKA cup, together with hot crackers just taken out from the oven will create a fairytale atmosphere which will make you think about winter holidays when, full of excitement,... read more

Lace with flower scent

A delicate set, decorated with laces and flowers in refined shades, completed with small golden dots in the middle of the spider-web from granny’s mileu. Tea, coffee or milk, all can be served in a LUKA set, making you enjoy the beginning of a brand new day in your life. Be it summer or winter, autumn or spring, the heat will invade your body and soul and the sun will shine in your eyes, reflecting your... read more

Blue set

A set which makes us think about the infinite blue of the sky, about the purity of the horizon from the serene mornings, but also about the “dark blue” of summer nights. Looking at the blue in the LUKA set, we acquire a sensation of peace and nostalgia, also of sheer enthusiasm for everything that is wonderful around us. Drinking a tea using the BLUE set, we induce inner peace, calm and focus, which... read more

Pastel set with jasmine flowers

A jasmine perfume that makes you dizzy and fills the air with the gentle smell of the flowers. You are sitting comfortably in an armchair with a hot cup of tea in your hand picking one by one the cookies in the plate . In the shivering candle light youcan imagine you are in a garden full of flowers. We can relax through aromatherapy and just using our imagination … or by using a scented candle placed... read more
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