Field of poppies

Set flori de mac portelan Luka Sold

I remember when I was a child and I used to accompany my grandparents to the field, my greatest joy was to pick armfuls of poppies and daisies from the ripe wheat fields and make beautiful flower wreathes …

Today my grandparents are here no more. The wheat fields don’t have so many flowers anymore … ( which is not so bad, because the wheat “must be clean”, that is without weeds or flowers) and the concrete buildings have invaded our lives.

And still, if you dare travel to remote areas, away from big cities, you will have the great joy of admiring the poppy fields, these flowers, so colourful, but so fragile if you try to pick them up.

Bring joy to your eyes and soul by enjoying a scented tea in the LUKA FIELD OF POPPIES tea set . I am trying to bring into your house the contrast between the green of the grass, the red of the poppies and the white of the daisies.

The set includes a square plate, a trapezoidal tea kettle, a rectangular large plate, the bazaar cup and the cup with lid and little plate.

The pieces included in the set can be changed any time, depending on your choice.

Please contact us if you want to purchase a similar model.

To come into possession of a similar model, please contact us.

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