Autumn Melancholy

A set with classical cup and square plate decorated with Leaves. The leaves are painted in warm colours, ocher and golden, which make us think about the autumn which deprives trees of their leaves and lays soft carpets for our footsteps when we walk in parks or on paths in the rustling woods. There are also grey and bluish leaves falling down over the rusty ones. They are the messengers of the cold and... read more

Winter sky

“Winter sky” – cold colours, grey and blue, also including small golden stars painted in pure gold, which try to warm up a frozen winter sky!!!…. and which pour from the sky white snow flakes. A steamy cup of tea served in a LUKA cup, together with hot crackers just taken out from the oven will create a fairytale atmosphere which will make you think about winter holidays when, full of excitement,... read more

Blue set

A set which makes us think about the infinite blue of the sky, about the purity of the horizon from the serene mornings, but also about the “dark blue” of summer nights. Looking at the blue in the LUKA set, we acquire a sensation of peace and nostalgia, also of sheer enthusiasm for everything that is wonderful around us. Drinking a tea using the BLUE set, we induce inner peace, calm and focus, which... read more

Field of poppies

Sold I remember when I was a child and I used to accompany my grandparents to the field, my greatest joy was to pick armfuls of poppies and daisies from the ripe wheat fields and make beautiful flower wreathes … Today my grandparents are here no more. The wheat fields don’t have so many flowers anymore … ( which is not so bad, because the wheat “must be clean”, that is without weeds or flowers)... read more

Blue jewel case

The jewel – box can also be used as candy box. Painted in several shades of blue, cobalt-blue, royal or cyan – with motifs inspired from the old ceramic could be the ideal present for a friend, regardless of age. Ladies and young girls will always have more earrings, bracelets or beads than available storing boxes. For each anniversary you could bring your friend a different box, in a different... read more
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