Winter sky

“Winter sky” – cold colours, grey and blue, also including small golden stars painted in pure gold, which try to warm up a frozen winter sky!!!…. and which pour from the sky white snow flakes. A steamy cup of tea served in a LUKA cup, together with hot crackers just taken out from the oven will create a fairytale atmosphere which will make you think about winter holidays when, full of excitement,... read more

The Magnolia Alley

A small vase with delicate forms, ideal for a gentle freesia or a hyacinth. Gentle flowers, in shades of pale pink are set against the pure white of the porcelain, subtly harmonizing with the cyan blue from the upper part of the vase. A black strap with white encrusting “wraps” the vase like a spiral and makes us think of an alley with concrete tiles which separates the flowers, flowers which send... read more

Summer Night

  A hot summer night whose heat can be defeated only by a LUKA cup of tea. The scent of the flowers, combined with the flovour of the tea will transport you in- between two worlds, the darkness area, in which only the shadows of the flowers can be seen and the other one, the light area in which the petals shine like gold under the hot sun rays. I have... read more