Lace with flower scent

A delicate set, decorated with laces and flowers in refined shades, completed with small golden dots in the middle of the spider-web from granny’s mileu. Tea, coffee or milk, all can be served in a LUKA set, making you enjoy the beginning of a brand new day in your life. Be it summer or winter, autumn or spring, the heat will invade your body and soul and the sun will shine in your eyes, reflecting your... read more

Lace with roses

A gracious cup, perfect for savouring a herbal tea, but also a cup of milk or, why not, a large coffee for the whole day. Decorated with lace, which reminds us of our grandmother’s macramé and with roses which make us think of a scented garden. The floral motif made of lace achieved by using the roughing method is repeated also on the plate, making a refined and elegant set which will transport you... read more